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About us

Welcome to BTP CFA Pays de la Loire


The 5 training centers of the BTP CFA Pays de la Loire primarily offer vocational education based on the dual-system of apprenticeship and training courses for adults, companies and organizations wanting to update their knowledge and skills. 5000 apprentices are trained every year in our centres.

50 Years of Excellence

The BTP CFA Pays de la Loire is a self-governing and non-profit organization with a tradition since its beginning 50 years ago of involving the companies. Our degrees are regulated by the State and our education is assessed and improved on an ongoing basis.

Key statistics

After their graduation 96,5% of our apprentices enter the labor market as follow :

  • 61% of apprentices continue their training
  • 35,5% are working

Our education fields from EQF 3 to 5

  • Construction/brick laying/tiling
  • Carpentry/Joinery
  • Roofing
  • Metal
  • Finishing/plastering/drywalling
  • Energy/plumbing/electricity/renewable energies
  • Swimming pool engineering

International cooperation

The BTP CFA Pays de la Loire strongly believes that international cooperation is a great value for our students and teachers. Enhancing their competencies is a priority and the BTP CFA Pays de la Loire is active in many international projects. It offers a wide range of international mobilities throughout Europe and host teachers and students for training courses and projects funded by the European Commission.